Thursday, September 06, 2007

Road(s) of dreams

Maybe it's just me, but instead of thinking, "Holy crap! It must suicide driving on that road!," I go, "Dude, when do I get to cycle up that road?"

Stelvio Pass Road, at 2757 meters (9043 feet), is the highest paved mountain pass in the eastern Alps.

The road has 48 hairpin turns.

A closer view of the hairpin turns.

A view from the snow line.

Dark Roasted Blend has more images of fun climbs.... erm... spectacular roads — such as Grimsel Pass,  Furka Pass,  Saint Gothard Pass,  Fraele,  Splugen Pass,  Mangrt Mountain Road,  Trollstigen,  and Lysebotn Road — on his post.

For those who prefer assisting gravity, rather than defying her, there's a couple pictures of Russian biker, Ben de Roni, on extreme downhills.

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