Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Carbon: Not so fast when overloaded with hydrocarbons

Here's something to rile the pretentious, obnoxious, wannabe Speed Racer poseurs out there.

You know? The sort who rave about losing 200 grams with their aerodynamic, wind-tunnel-tested, seamless, OCLV-formed, clean-room-assembled, high-modulus carbon fiber rims, lovingly custom polished between the nubile thighs of former Baltic state virgins before delivery...

And then proceed to gain 2 kg from pigging out on brownies and ice-cream.

Do you see oil tankers built from carbon fiber beating cigarette boats?

Didn't think so.

Some riders are all talk; some, all fats; others, all engine.

You know what?

Biker Fox has more street cred than you.




Thursday, August 13, 2009

Awareness Test II

You are (I hope) taking these tests seated behind a desk. Now imagine attempting the equivalent whilst piloting a 1.5-ton car, a 2-ton SUV, a 12-ton truck, or a 20-ton bus.

Or, they are taking the test.

And, you are the cyclist.

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