Monday, October 29, 2007

On wrenching, or, the sheer audacity of idiots too lazy to learn

There exists a peculiar group herd of inDUHviduals out there who think feel that just because I acquired the skills of a bicycle mechanic, I am obligated to come to their assistance, or, worse still, that my services can be purchased. Nothing is further from the truth.

Let me make this clear: if I like you, I may help you; if I don't, no amount of money/flattery/gifts/food/alcohol/lascivious offers of coitus (or, rather, cooties. Ugh!) would persuade me to render you any assistance.

By the way, this is why I am adamant in my refusal to hire out my services as a bicycle mechanic to bike shops. To do so would mean surrendering my autonomy as I would have to service a customer's bike whether I like him/her or not. Now, before I am chided for being idealistic or naive, two close friends run their businesses in this manner. One of them is the sole owner of a camping outfit with a turnover in excess of a million dollars a year. If he likes you, he deals with you. If he doesn't, you are instructed — in no uncertain language — to take a hike. For what it is worth, Professor Shirley Geok-Lin Lim operates in pretty much the same manner. But I digress.

While I am by no means the best bike mechanic, I am certainly one endowed with freewill. So, if you are whining away about a problem with your bike, and I don't offer to help — don't ask.

Pick up a book. Learn something.
Those who took the time and trouble to learn don't owe you anything.

That is all.


Hon Shin said...

I'm beginning to wonder who has pissed you of? Muah hahaha.....

Anonymous said...

To teach these people a lesson maybe you should offer to service their bikes and add in a little "extras" for them to really consider learning the skills of bike repairs.