Saturday, January 19, 2008

Devil in red

Char Siew Pao Mei dropped her bike, a Scott CR1 (affectionately dubbed, CF Slut), off for some servicing. For a few days, I had fun tormenting her with wild tales of how I collected enough sand from her bike to build a small sandcastle  :-D

After a thorough drivetrain clean up (chain, rear cogs, chain rings, jockey pulleys), wash and teflon-polish, new fi'zi:k microtex bar tape and K:ium Arione Wing Flex saddle.


The 49 cm Scott CR1's new weight.

Placed beside Cloe, CF Slut risks being mistaken for a BMX bike  :-P


Saddle Height (fi'zi:k K:ium Arione Wing Flex) measured from top of saddle (along center of seatpost) to center of crank, non-drive side: 63.5 cm

Tip of saddle to center of handlebar (end of handlebar clamp, stem side): 43.2 cm

Ride safe!


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