Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why solo?

Into the Mist.
By Greg Martin.

Columbia Gorge, Oregon.
9-shot composite, Canon SD800 IS.


QQ*librarian said...

Wow. My kind of picture. Black and white + nature. Gorgeous.

-ben said...


Happy Hallmark's & Florist's Day!


If there is one thing I enjoy more than such pictures it is being in them: long quiet hours alone, spinning the pedals to one's internal rhythm = bliss.

Your post brought out some contrary feelings, especially the second quote:

What are our needs for happiness?” Peñalosa said in explaining his policies. “We need to walk, just as birds need to fly. We need to be around other people. We need beauty. We need contact with nature. And, most of all, we need not to be excluded. We need to feel some sort of equality.”

The third quote, "we need beauty..." reminded me of Yukio Mishima's Sun and Steel (which I agree with).

However, my thoughts have not coalesced sufficiently for me to express them in a post — save for this piece of excellent advice by another, older rider:

Buying a bike is a lot like getting married. The fit has to be right or things won't work out. And she should suit who you are, not who you want to be.

Thanks for dropping by!


QQ*librarian said...

Hi Ben

Haha, what a way to wish me happy valentine's day. I didn't give any business to hallmark or the florist. :-P

I totally agree, it is more blissful to be in such the picture, although obviously our world is not made up of just black and white.

There are people who are in such idyllic setting and still do not feel blissful. In the end, it is probably more blessed to have a peaceful soul and mentality, and one will be able to see beauty in many unexpected places.