Monday, April 07, 2008

Sunday Breakfast Ride

Time for another bout of ribbing, trash talk, general tomfoolery social ride.

6:30 AM:  Fort Road / western terminus of East Coast Park Service Road.

         Hmm... just where is that Char Siew Pao?

Oops! You have to give me another 10 minutes, guys! I think I forgot to lock my car!

NicIz2HardKore was late too. When we called him at 6:50 AM, he just woke up. So, we gave him 10 minutes to spring out of bed and time-trial his spandex-clad, over-muscled butt from Marine Parade to Fort Road.

On the "very slow" ride westwards — Damn it! Eve is getting fitter. If she gets any faster, I'm getting an Africa Twin (pic) or a R1200 GS Adventure (pic) — Nic and I conspired to lure her on a detour up Mount Faber, but she smelled a rat and took off onto the Telok Blangah Viaduct / Keppel Way.

         Smile, girls!

Like Tom Wolfe's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern — with no one left to victimize but ourselves — we trudged up Mount Faber anyway.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
         (Albert Einstein)

NicIz2HardKore's latest addition to his stable: a Bridgestone fixie. Mere mortals need not apply.

44 x 15

Someone else regularly rides a 53 x 14 fixie up this hill to train.

NicIz2HardKore is currently training to qualify donning this jersey.

A minimalist rear light. But, dude, if you ride faster than the traffic, that would mean you won't need no rear lights, no?   :-P

With neither front nor rear dérailleur; only one speed; and no freehub or freewheel, the bike is lighter. Thus, you climb easier.

Hon Shin tries it out.

         I must believe! I must believe!

Grub time!

Thanks for playing!


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