Thursday, January 01, 2009

Riding To Never, Never, Land

3:46 AM:  spent the first hours of the new year riding a no-food, no energy gel, century, solo.

It felt good to have power coursing through one's legs:  endless, tireless; megawatts on tap — ever spinning, ever surging forth.

And a song on repeat.

Enjoy the video.

Then ride.

4 minutes 36 seconds of heaven, of history made, of eternity.

My mind is in a state
But all I need to do is change my pace
And I know there's fear to face
But happiness is found in its embrace

Life is a play: it's not its length but its performance that counts.


ChrisW said...

Ben, have you heard of this concept called 'sleep?'
Happy 2009 !


-ben said...

Heh heh! 'Can't help it, Chris, the streets are only quiet in the wee hours of the morning :-D

Happy New Year!


Nic* said...

There's time enough for sleep when you're dead!
No food, no gel solos not enough... no hands!

-ben said...


procrastinatenot said...

Fantastic song! The perfect song for burning the midnight lamp.

I just discovered your blog from searches on Google of "Butterfly trail". Keep up the great photography!

What GPS system are you using to track your trails?

-ben said...

Thank you :-D

I had the older Garmin Forerunner 201, which died while crashing on a drizzly night descending Kings Park in Perth. I used a GPS60 (loaned) for my Thailand-to-Singapore Ride. Feeding it with batteries burned my wallet, so I only used a map and compass for my Munda Biddi Stage 1 Ride (ride reports still in progress).

Thanks for dropping by!