Sunday, February 08, 2009

Nic conquers Vigilante Drive on a fixie, beats Mt. Faber with face

NicIz2HardKore made it to the top of Vigilante Drive on his vintage 44 x 17 Battaglin fixie. Mount Faber, however, was a little too coy with her curves, so he taught her a lesson, leaving a sheen of red on her flanks  :-P

The juicy squishy details

BEN : !!!!!
BEN : holy shit! fark!
u da man!
NIC : :-)
i used my face as a brake again
fuck it hurts
BEN : !!!
on the way down?
NIC : we went vigilante, buona vista, NUS, pepys and faber
by the time we got to faber i was pretty damn tired
i fell off the bike on the way down
on the straight before the corner where i crashed 2 years ago
BEN : yeoch
NIC : i was too tired to stop the bike
and then it started wobbling
BEN : yeow
NIC : and i just went off the right side and the bike bounced away
went off as in literally fell off
poor brooks saddle :-(
but yes, calling my bike the battleship is pretty apt
no marks
no denting
minor scratches on handlebar
got poked by handlebar though
seems my wonky collarbone is fixed too
BEN : goddamn
holy shitzoid
extreme knuckle manicure
fark! road rash
NIC : oh yeah
haven't taken a pic of my face and back
i rolled over
and left a nice red trail on the road
BEN : goddamn
NIC : tore my jersey to shreds
BEN : who went with u
NIC : hmm
BEN : argh!!!!
NIC : my coach, and 2 teammates
BEN : goddamn
NIC : luckily it was a $20 jersey
oh btw, pretty funny
all 4 bike materials were present at the ride
ti, steel, alu, carbon
BEN : goddamn
u were not kidding about da face
holy shitz
this is worhy of a post!!!!
fark! shoulder abrasion
i shudder to see pic of bike and jersey
so this crash was vigilante or faber?
NIC : faber :-0
right before we went home
BEN : goddamn
NIC : i got spent on vigilante
skipped pepys and waited for the rest at the foot
BEN : helmet survived?
so gearing was 44 x 17?
NIC : helmet merely touched the ground
BEN : damn
NIC : didn't get scratched :-(
BEN : shitz
i am gonna post this
NIC : 44 x 17, as usual
BEN : !!!!!
for some strange inexplicable reason, i found blood in my riding shorts
somehow my nuts got cut :-S
BEN : holy shitz
NIC : no freaking idea how
BEN : so this was tonite?
NIC : this morning :-)
BEN : so, u r joining the Secret Fraternity of the Torn Scrotum.
Your member ID is 002
NIC : leaving me enough time to pass out at home to wake up with various fabric items stuck to my face
now i know how vasectomy feels like, without the neutering :-P
BEN : goddamn
u da man
NIC : hint: it hurts/burns
showering was literally an eye opening experience
BEN : i will pay u a cup of teh tarik for every wad of alcohol swab i toss at you that hits a red spot
BEN : send pics!!!!
NIC : that's all, unfortunately

Get well soon, Nic!

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ChrisW said...

C'mon you guys, keep pain in the bedroom. Bicycles are for getting prata and wan tan mee :-)

-ben said...

But... but...

Pain makes you go faster!


Nic* said...

I keep the pain outside the bedroom, (rough) for added pleasure.

Anonymous said...


Velodrone said...

Wow, those wounds look painful! Hope they've healed nicely! I also want to share some of my own ride pictures here: