Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Carbon: Not so fast when overloaded with hydrocarbons

Here's something to rile the pretentious, obnoxious, wannabe Speed Racer poseurs out there.

You know? The sort who rave about losing 200 grams with their aerodynamic, wind-tunnel-tested, seamless, OCLV-formed, clean-room-assembled, high-modulus carbon fiber rims, lovingly custom polished between the nubile thighs of former Baltic state virgins before delivery...

And then proceed to gain 2 kg from pigging out on brownies and ice-cream.

Do you see oil tankers built from carbon fiber beating cigarette boats?

Didn't think so.

Some riders are all talk; some, all fats; others, all engine.

You know what?

Biker Fox has more street cred than you.





Brad Farless said...

I'm not intothe biking scene but the idea you're putting forward here applies to many situations and I agree that these pretentious, idiot people are completely ridiculous. In my case it has been mostly people who do stupid things like eat fish balls and rice for a year three times a day so they can buy an expensive Louis Vuitton bag and pretend to be important.

-ben said...


The part about the LV bags is so true!


Colin said...

Hi I think I saw you in person this morning; East Coast at about 0730?

-ben said...

Hi Colin!

Nah. I was still snoring (and drooling) at 0730 hrs this morning :-D

Chee Wan said...

Hi! I got very inspired after reading your Thailand to Singapore trip last year. I am very into touring but only confined myself in Singapore only right now. Hope to train myself harder, pay all my liabilities sooner and be like you soon. BTW regarding your post, you can see lots of fat man/lady in their sport cars with carbon this and that nowsaday.

-ben said...

Hi Chee Wan,

You can start by doing short hops to Desaru and up to get a feel, and then go from there. The hills are quite different :-P

Nice bit about uber-plus-sized people in sports cars and carbon fiber hoods / trunks, spoilers, side view mirrors, and et cetera. LOL!

Thanks for dropping by!

Colin said...

Saturday morning? I must have been mistaken then.


-ben said...

Hi Colin,

Nope. 'Didn't touch my bike at all last week. Sigh... getting fat and lazy here, man :-P

Chee Wan said...

Thanks for your recommendation. Actually I did one ride to Kota Tinggi donkey years ago and also did a ride last 2 years ago in Fukoka, Japan. Did ride up a couple of volcanic mountains with their supplied ancient mountain bike with nobby tires and almost died along the way.

-ben said...

Fukoka, Japan. Did ride up a couple of volcanic mountains with their supplied ancient mountain bike with nobby tires

Pics! Pics!


Travelbugged said...

Hi Ben
Cool articles, really enjoyed reading your trip reports. Are you planning to do some riding over the holidays. If the rain finally stops we'd love to go for a ride and were wondering if you'd be interested in tagging along. Martin & Ivy

-ben said...

Hi Martin & Ivy,

Thanks for dropping by. Hmm... not too sure if I can make it these 2 weeks or so (insane schedule). Hoping to squeeze something in after that though... Do post pics if u ride! :-D

Chee Wan said...

Eh... Can you tell me how do I post those photos/videos to you?

-ben said...

Oh, whenever you post them on your blog / flickr / pbase, etc. No hurry / pressure / obligation! 'Just always keen to read up on others' ride reports / pics :-D