Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Moots spacers

More Ti fever, courtesy of USPS: a full complement of Moots Titanium Stem Spacers. While they are heavier than generic carbon fiber stem spacers, I feel that the Moots stem spacers are better made; Moots and Chris King are two of the few companies who ensure that their stem spacers are properly faced (both sides parallel and perpendicular to the length of the cylinder). That Moots manufactures theirs out of titanium only sweetens the deal  :-P

These spacers will be a perfect complement to the custom Ti-Beam Mountain Stem I will be ordering once I get the length (110mm or 115mm?) and angle (-10, -12, or -15 degrees?) locked down. Ivy has a 5-inch drop between the height of the saddle and the handlebar, while, following conventional wisdom, Cleo has 3 inches (which doesn't work for me).

Moots' weld quality is legendary:

Underneath these microscopically precise welds are perfect miters. This allows us to melt the joint together at a relatively low temperature, using no weld wire, assuring the straightest as well as the strongest weld possible. This first pass in the process assures the joint is held tight through the expansion and contraction of welding. Next, 6/4 ELI weld wire is welded to the joined tubes leaving what is visible on the finished frame. On each frame a specific weld sequence is followed in order to maintain precise alignment. This 'double pass' weld system has proven to be the strongest weld process for titanium.

Moots' first generation mountain stem.

Weld quality of a typical Moots frame. They also offer frames built from Reynolds seamless butted 6AL-4V Titanium. Can you say hubba? :-D

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