Wednesday, June 06, 2007

LOOK IronGirl HM Carbon Pedals

Christmas arrived early for Eve's bike, CF Slut.

She almost purchased the 260-gram Look Keo Sprint pedals (it matches the color of her sleeper Scott CR1).

But she decided to go for broke and get the 230-gram Look Keo HM Carbon Ironman pedals (which, incidentally, also matches the color of her bike) instead. has this to say about the pedals:

If you’re looking for a bike accessory sure to please, think about the Look Keo Ironman Pedals. These handmade carbon fiber pedals weigh just 230 grams, and have lots of adjustments to ensure proper and efficient pedaling technique. There’s lots of cornering clearance, which is a nice safety option, too. Look started the clipless pedal craze more than 20 years ago, and they remain a leader in innovative design to this day.

The only Look Keo model that's more high-end than this is the 190-gram version with the lighter, titanium, spindle.

Did you hear that, Eve?
Your pedals are handmade!
Dang! This girl's hardcore!

Eve sweated it out while practising clipping in and out at Cycle Craft. While the more sedate Look Keo Sprint features a cleat tension adjustment range from 9 Nm to 15 Nm, the competition-grade Look Keo HM Carbon Ironman possesses a cleat tension adjustment from 12 Nm to 18 Nm. Simply put, at the lowest spring-tension setting, the HM Carbon Ironman requires 33% more force to unclip from.

Dang! You're hardcore, gal!

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