Monday, December 24, 2007

Images from Butterfly Trail

If you return and be quiet, you shall be saved: in silence and in hope shall your strength be.  (Isaias 30:15)


Anonymous said...

Eh Ben cycling in MacRitchie is a no no.

That's why, other countries are soooo inviting.
Nice to see you're still pedalling a lot, dammit!


-ben said...

Hello, Chris!

Oh, that's not MacRitchie :-P

Thanks for the links and have a great year!


Anonymous said...

Ben, I'll be in Santa Cruz/SF late April, among other shopping! Will you be in CA or in Singapore?


-ben said...

Hey Chris,

Nope, unfortunately, I would still be in SG then.

Here are some recommendations and some rides that aren't covered in my blog:

Phil Wood, San Jose (about an hour south of San Francisco)
Specialized HQ, Morgan Hill (20 miles south of San Jose)
Santa Cruz Bicycles (Santa Cruz)
Apple (Cupertino. There's a company store in there.)

Off-road Rides
See the rides on my blog
Downieville (as the name suggests, serious downhill. Shuttle takes you up, you bomb down. Click here).
Henry Coe State Park (across Highway 101 from Specialized HQ. Mountains, canyons, ravines, rivers, mountain lions, ticks, rapids, dead hikers; you name it, they got it).
Soquel Demonstration Forest, Santa Cruz (nice ride in the forest. Be careful where you park your car. Lots of break ins).
Wilder Ranch (nice ocean views)
Camp Tamarancho, a trail managed by the Boy Scouts of America. You will have to pay $5 to ride. Passes sold here. Once you are done, do Repack. Or do Pine Mountain and then do Repack.

I don't suggest you go to Berkeley unless you enjoy collecting parking tickets.

Across the Golden Gate Bridge is Marin county. Knock yourself out there.

If you have time, I really suggest you check if the Tahoe Rim Trail is open. It is an awesome trail, but it is a 4 to 5 hour drive there. It will be gorgeous, especially in spring time. Yosemite will be awesome, but mountain biking is not allowed there.

Road rides
I really recommend Point Reyes. The road surface is nothing to shout about, but the views...

Mount Hamilton is fun. Mount Diablo is fun. Mount Tamalpais is fun.

Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge in heavy fog is fun. There is a parking lot on the west side, follow it up, and then ride down to the beach and loop back via Baker tunnel. After that, do Paradise Loop through Sausalito, Tiburon, etc.

If you have time, drive up to Sonoma and do their famous downhill. There's a downhill where you will maintain 50+ mph for almost an hour (bad time to find out that your front fork shimmies though).

I usually shop via mail order. Cambria is a little pricier, and I am not sure if they allow walk in customers.

Bay Area Shops:
Performance BIke used to be SuperGo and they often carry cash-n-carry close-outs. They have stores all over.
REI is expensive, but they have a generous return policy. So if there's a piece of gear you have been dying to try out.... hint hint. They also have occasional deals on apparel, especially Sugoi, Pearl Izumi, Bellwether, etc.
Sports Basement. These guys are da bomb. Link here.

If you use GU energy gel, they are dirt cheap in the bay area. When I say dirt cheap, I mean US$20 for 24 packs. They also sell them in 5 pack mega-paks. HammerGel is also available in 20-pack bottles.

That's all I can think of at the moment.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

And, oh, one more thing. If someone waves you down when you are riding in the city or suburbs, wanting to ask you a question, he is most probably going to jack your bike. Ride like hell.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for a very thorough reply! Will need a couple of months to try out the rides you posted, not to mention the stamina.

Got just under a month, riding a 7 spd M900 XTR KHS folding bike lah. Probably sipping coffee more than cycling. Going to get more touring gear/panniers/clothing to go with latest project, 4130 cro-mo Surly Long Haul Trucker expedition bike.

e mail's in the profile/contact