Monday, December 17, 2007

Is the tree all right?

'Hit 2 trees today.

A sapling (doesn't sound macho enough) skinny (nope) young tree with great growth potential. This time though, I made sure Freddy snapped a pic.

"Is the tree all right?" he asked with some concern.

The 2nd time. Don't ask me how I managed to unclip from the pedals and leave Cloe (the bike) standing there. It's called talent. (Actually, Cloe unclipped herself from me and I kept going, flying sideways into the bushes. Yeah, that's it.)

Today is one of those days I am glad I am not on Shimano SPDs. I would have been satay / shish kebab (see below).

I also got snagged by rattan. Now that hurt.

Freddy came to the rescue (again). Freddy is so nice. Ride with Freddy. Don't ride with me. I only send thunder, lightning, and rain to those around me  :-P

But seriously, thanks, Freddy  ^ _ ^


sevnetus said...

I recommend you get rid of the toe clips, but maybe that's just me.

-ben said...

Ah, I gave up toe clips a long time ago. I love the Crank Brothers Eggbeaters. Their functionality remain unaffected by mud, unlike Shimano SPDs. Too bad about the short life of their cleats though.


Anonymous said...

Ben is that you?
how come i don't see you at campers corner anymore?

-ben said...


How are you?

Yes, it's me :-P

Yes, I still go down to Campers. How can I resist? The Yen Tao still attracts all the girls there :-P

Anonymous said...

i am fine, am doing some bike touring trips apart from mtbiking.
hope to see you on the road or trails soon.

- iyas