Friday, February 12, 2010

Sprint. Sprint. Pop. Crash!

Or, that's how Bertram described NicIz2HardKore's most recent crash:

Nic was just riding along, minding his own business, past the Esplanade when the front tire of his Cannondale suddenly popped. As he struggled to control the sudden deceleration, Commissar A Dumb LardButt (the lesser known, more officious, way less photogenic, non-talented twin of Adam Lambert) waddled by on his Tomac Kar Pai — after consuming 2.3 metric tons of brownies; the ensuing gravity well caused the Cannondale's rear wheel to come off...

Drive-side brifter.

I wonder how carbon fiber would fare here.

Non-drive-side brifter.

Sella San Marco Regal Titanium Saddle.  *sob!*

Damage to the Cannondale: scored brifters and surprisingly little scratching to the frame. The saddle is totaled though — in addition to the torn leather, the rails are bent.

Damage to the engine.

From The Unauthorized Bicycle Repair Manual:

Engine Repair

Step 1:  Drink Beer.

:-)  :-D  :-P


ChrisW said...

Ben, there are less painful ways to score a free Wendy's, but you are a true friend indeed topping it with beer and letting the whole world in on, shall I say crashing ala 'hard core'

Best wishes to Nik for a speedy recovery and for heaven's sake wear jeans, knee and elbow pads as recommended by the Traffic Police posters some time ago. They also would like all cyclists to ride as close to the kerb as possible....rrright.

-ben said...

Heyyyyyyy Chris!

Wassup?!? Hahha! That's one weird crash, man. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. Hardly a scratch on the frame and zero scratches on the helmet. I guess the poor saddle took the brunt of it.

As for the TP... once, I was riding along Mandai Road at 2 AM on a weekday night, a member of our Home Team's mounted finest came up riding by and ordered me to ride on the pavement because bicycles aren't allowed on the road.


In other news, the lower part of my Bridgestone MB-3 ovalized; the lower headset cup is looser than the mouths of Tiger Wood's mistresses :-(

Pete's puppies are growing up fast!

Gained 2.5 kg from bak kua,

Chee Wan said...

This is hardcore stuffs man!! Hope speedy recovery & get a Brooks saddle. The best saddle in the world and not forgetting a air-bag equipped armour suit.

sehsuan said...

this nick very cute one.

last time talked to him about insurance... last part backed out. hope he's fine...

-ben said...


Chee Wan, I think he's recovering well. Almost full range of movement now. Man, maybe this guy got some of Wolverine's fast healing genes or something...

Sehsuan, yes, I think he battled insurance for sometime to get them to fork out for this operation. Too bad they are not Ti fans and refused to pony up the extra for titanium hardware instead of stainless steel.

Steel is real, but Ti will fly!


sehsuan said...

hmm, this i not sure, cos eventually nothing was taken up thru me, and i dont know what insurance he has too...

but it's a relief to know he's fine. i'll look at the possibility of overuse or catastrophic joint replacement when i'm MUCH older... not when i'm in the prime of my life :)