Friday, February 19, 2010

NicIz2hardkore's SS Shoulder Upgrade

After 2 impacts with Mount Faber, and head-butting a NTUC Comfort Del Gro taxi cab, it was time to upgrade NicIz2HardKore's right shoulder with hardier components  :-P

More info (and comments) here.

He's got a DVD of the operation too!

The surgeon used stainless steel anchors, wires, and Kevlar cord on the 2HardKore  0_o

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.


         Home delivery of...

         ...a pound of flesh from Wendy's.

Om nom nom nom nom...

Ambidextrous Nic makes it look easy.

After he was done with the 1 pound burger, he's presented with a tub of Wendy's Beef Chili — large  :-D

         You're kidding, right?

Spacing out after beef-overload.

I think there's enough room to hide a breaker bar or chain whip in that sling...

Heal up quick and kick more butts, Nic!



Chan said...

He will master the left hand wank very soon

Chan said...

He will master the left hand wank soon

-ben said...