Saturday, June 23, 2007

Makan Ride

Well, sort of... We rode from Cycle Craft to Changi Village and back.

Clockwise: CF Babe; "Masher" Dominic; Nick; Viki, pretty in pink; someone whose name I don't remember (but is fast); and, last but not least, Arthur, who clocked over a metric century by the end of the night.

Not in the picture: Louis the Brave, who rode a single-speed 48 x 19, fixed-gear; and a certain someone in a Cartman jersey.

OK, these guys are hardcore... eaters.
Watch the satay and drinks...


I tried convincing Dominic to finish the leftover bawang — with his Coke, the raw onions would be super deadly — so that he could fog East Coast Park and Marina Crescent (i.e. Aedes aegypti mosquitos) with his butt on the ride back, but to no avail. Tsk! Tsk! Where's your sense of civic duty, dude?

In other news, the CF Babe rode the whole way clipped in.
Way to go, babe!

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