Friday, June 29, 2007

Makan Ride 2

Another thursday night, another makan ride along East Coast Park, through Coastal Road, to Changi Village.

4 guys, one gal. Here we are "protecting the leader." Yer gotta get through us before yer can get her phone number, yer horndawgs!"

CF Babe with her bike, CF Slut.

It is uncertain whether Arthur meant we are doing 2 loops or stopping twice for makan (food)  :-P

"Dude, can't you read the road markings? We are supposed to head in the other direction!"

Pee break.

Head to head, sprinting for the finish line at the top speed of...

...0 mph. Note our feet on the ground.

Nick and I trying to keep up with the CF Babe.

But she keeps pulling ahead!

Arthur in hot pursuit. He clocked a new personal best of 41.9 mph (67 km/h) tonight. Way to go dude!

Ben, "Dude, quit trying to take a picture of my fat ass!"

Nick, "I'll be darned if you take a pic of my fat ass!"

Time to eat!

Eve, "Yo, stop drinking my 100 Plus!"

The 3 guys and the CF Babe shared 40 sticks of satay, while I had some insane wanton noodles that had more char siew (BBQ pork) than noodles. *oink!*

Raise the red lantern helmet.

Left to right: Nick, Arthur, CF Babe, me, and Zi Jian.

Total distance covered for the social ride: 26 miles (41.6 km).
CF Babe did extremely well, especially in hills. I'm so proud of her.

Choosing to ride home (to hopefully burn off some of that BBQ pork), I clocked 40.7 miles (65 km).

Bonus: video of CF Babe breaking away.

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