Monday, July 09, 2007

Gangsa Track Group Ride II

After last week's funfest at Gangsa Track, the group returned for another round.

The mandatory group shot before we take off. Nick is wondering what was I trying to do. (I was trying to lie on my bike for the shot, but with 3 seconds left in the self-timer, I discovered that: my bike was lying on her derailleur side; apart from her saddle, she isn't very comfortable to rest my entire weight on.)

Arthur found a new way to mount his camera for video shots.

For some reason, I like this shot.

Some of the gang taking a break in the shade while the others toy with the Yucky Pipe.

Nick ups the ante by wheelie-ing across the pipe on his new Surly singlespeed.

Back at Zhenghua Park. I only manage to squeeze off one shot of this "uncle" washing himself with the "miracle water" as he thought I was some kind of pervert and tried to hide behind the bucket.

"Outraging the modesty of half-naked middle-aged men," I'll be sure to add that to my curriculum vitae :-P

When I caught up with the group again (possibly leaving a very traumatized middle-aged "uncle"), they were toying with a series of stairs.

The flex from Cloe's long titanium chainstays, seatstays, seat post, seat rails made the rear end feel a little too "live." I wonder how the Moots YBB design handles this. Watch how Viki put Bruce Lee's philosophy into action — be like water: smooth, flowing, powerful — she literally flows down the steps.

I was tired from standing up to film the previous two videos, so I decided to lie down to capture the next one. See? I am like Bruce Lee too. Like water, I follow the path of least resistance.

I must admit that my heart skipped a beat when Victor's Rockshox SID fork attempted to get into an intimate relationship with me. All I could do as the blue stanchions hurtled down the steps toward me was jabber, "My Oakleys will protect me! My Oakleys will protect me!"   :-P

PTI Platoon Commander says, "Squeeze!"

Thanks, Viki!

Distance:  8.1 miles (12.96 km)
Elevation climbed:  770 ft (234.7 m)

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