Monday, July 02, 2007

Gangsa Track Group Ride

Yo! It's the 1st of July 2007! The 2% Goods and Services Tax hike kicks in today. Did you remember to stock up on Poh Chai pills or Pepto-Bismol so that when you lao sai (get stricken with diarrhea) you won't spend so much $?

As the title states, it's Gangsa Track today.

GPS track of today's ride.

Group shot before the ride.

Reservoir. 2 anglers were fishing here. Hope they can afford the fines when the rangers come about.

Mel's deadly kung fu punch sent me under the picture, somehow.

Mel after a spill, "I'm OK! I'm OK!"


Viki transforms into a mobile backrest.

The yucky pipe (well, yucky if you fall in). Here, Fred clears it easily.

Arthur does a trackstand.

Post-ride pic.

For more pics, do visit Arthur's blog.

What isn't in the pictures: how we cleaned out the Muslim stall selling longtong.

Thanks to Viki for organizing this!

Maybe the next time we can do this during a heavy rainstorm.
It will be fun, I promise! :-P

Total distance: 9.4 miles (15 km)
Total elevation climbed: 820 ft (250 m)


QQ*librarian said...

Hi Ben

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your opinion. I could see your point somewhat, and I do not totally disagree with what you have said. I too feel that perhaps there's a clash in my own personal value systems and those that is being practised here. But then, I'm not quite sure that what I value will be practised in another country either without greater negative connotations that come with it. I think it's hard to have the best of both worlds. But I do not think badly of people who choose to leave, because everybody has their own circumstances and choices to make in life - in this way, I wouldn't echo what our government like to do by calling people who choose to live in another country as "quitters" - I don't think they are. As humans, we all have the freedom and right to do what we want, without having to explain to others (including the government) why we do so. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll visit yours too - you do seem to lead such an exciting active lifestyle. :-)

-ben said...

Hi qq,

Thank you for your comment (albeit on my biking blog. Hmm....). Yes, I agree: it has to do with the fit between one's value and belief system with the respective society / culture / country.

'Would love to write more but between 7 July and 10 July I cycled over 314 km, so I need my rest.

I am sure we will find plenty of opportunities to compare and contrast our differing life philosophies :-)

Take care,