Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tampines Track II

After riding Gangsa Track for two consecutive weekends (1), (2), we returned to the Tampines MTB Trail.

Map of trail.

Map drawn by the GPS unit.

Arthur made it!

Viki is super "on the ball" today.

The mandatory pre-ride group shot (although Fred has already clocked 5 laps). From left to right: Arthur, Viki, Kit, Noel, Mel, Victor, Fred, Gary, and Cartman's taller brother. Not in picture: Freddy.

My front tire wiped out after the 3rd knoll and I tumbled into the ivy and mimosa. If you look closely, you can see where I landed and rolled.

I ended in a curious resting position. On either side were my knees, and a little above the left depression in the grass (caused by my knee) is the resting position left by my head. I basically found myself in a kowtow position in the grass.

Kit took this awesome shot. I knew there will come a day where my socks will be the perfect fashion accessory. If I didn't stick my left hand out (a no-no in crashes), I would have discovered what a Mimosa pudica facial exfoliation felt like.

The right hip also took a scrape (a common site, as far as I'm concerned).

My left thumb is a little banged up and is turning black.

Cloe's titanium left bar end suffered some scrapes as well.

From the speed chart, it is obvious that running too high a pressure in my tires compromised my cornering speed. Notice how the numbers plummet around the corners.

After exiting the Jungle Trail. IMHO, it should be renamed, "Stinky Herbal Mud Trail."

The bumpy bridge. I think it is cute.

Someone I don't know.

Fred crossing the bridge, followed by Kit and Freddy.

Viki gets attacked by a bush!
Victor to the rescue!

Mel the fearless charging out of the forest.

Checking out the BMX area.

What the sign says.

What Erik Theodore Cartman says.



Viki looking cool in the background despite having her helmet captured by the bush monster back at the bridge  :-D

Back to the parking lot.

Viki's bike.
Does it / he have a name?.
(How about "Thor"?)

Arthur's cool video.

Mandatory post-ride group shot. Actually, come to think of it, that was the position I found myself in after my crash, except that the top of my head was resting on the ground.

And...  Dang! I didn't see that fist!

Thanks for the shuttling some of us to and fro today, Viki!

Distance:  4.22 miles (6.72 km)
Elevation climbed:  220 ft (67 m)

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