Sunday, September 17, 2006

Moots Seatposts

'Performed some fine tuning and felt that the current seatpost on Cloe has too much setback, so I ordered the straight version of the Moots Titanium Seatpost.

On the left, the current Moots Lay Back Seatpost (US$188), with 19mm of setback. On the right, the new Moots Straight Laced Seatpost (US$174). Both have diameters of 27.2 mm and are 380 mm long. Seat clamp bolts have not been installed in the picture.

On the right, the stock M6 x 18mm Saddle Clamp Dacromet steel bolts. On the left, Moots Saddle Clamp Bolt Upgrade: custom 6AL-4V Titanium bolts in (US$12) in the same exact dimensions (11 mm head height) but at half the weight.

2 sets of seat clamps. They are beautifully machined. It is obvious that all excess material have been painstakingly removed.

Carl Van Spreader Tool. This is used to pry open the clamp on the Moots Seatposts to install or remove a saddle. (It is also very useful in spreading open the stem clamps when slipping them over steerer tubes.) Some riders will opt to wing it with a screwdriver and a stack of pennies, risk stabbing themselves, marring the finish of the seatpost, and waste hours struggling. IMHO, if you already dropped the dough on a Moots Titanium Seatpost, another US$17 on a quality dedicated tool is a no-brainer.

Cal Van Spreader Tool in action. Adding a locking mechanism will greatly improve its functionality, IMHO.

Cloe with Moots Straight Laced Seatpost installed.

With the addition of the Cane Creek 27.2-to-30.9 mm Seatpost Shim (US$8), the Moots Lay Back Seatpost will serve duty on Ivy, my Specialized Stumpjumper FS.

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