Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Race Face Deus X-Type Dust Cap

While clearing out my electronics spare parts closet, I discovered a plug that is the perfect fit for the non-drive-side of the Race Face Deus X-Type Crankset.

It snaps right in.

Manufacturer: Eagle Hardware and Tools
Part Number: 62MP0875V
Description: Locking vent plug. EPD Nylon / Vent Plugs

It can be ordered from Mouser Electronics.
Mouser Part Number: 561-M2708
Description: Locking Vent Plugs
Heat Stabilized Nylon (UL94V2)
Color: Black
Price: US$0.17

Alternatively, non-vented versions are also available:

Mouser Part Number: 561-M2703
Description: Locking Hole Plugs
Heat Stabilized Nylon (UL94V2)
Color: Black
Price: US$0.21


spec78 said...

WAD ! still not done with the bike yet ??!!
get out and ride !

-ben said...

I only had time to take it on a really short 2 mile ride on asphalt to campus and back. Sad, eh? No choice. Very, very busy :(

My current 130 mm Litespeed Titanium stem is too long. So I am experimenting with an affordable Easton 110 mm -6 degree stem to see how I like it before ordering an expensive Moots Titanium stem.

I guess I will write more about it when time permits.

I hope you are riding more than I've been :-)