Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ultimate Pro-Elite

Ultimate Support, a long established brand for music stands, have been bringing their 25 years of expertise in engineering stout, stable and reliable portable stands to the world of bicycle repair--and it shows. Introducing the Ultimate Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand.

Folded up, the Pro-Elite looks like a camera tripod on steroids. The sneakers are there for a sense of scale. The stand weighs 13 lbs (5.9 kg).

Illustration of the heavy duty clamp unit. This beauty is a joy to use. You place the bike between the red jaws, slide the ratchet-action clamp until it contacts the bike, and then use the spindle for final tightening.

When you are done, all you have to do is hit the red button and jaws spring open. Voila! Easy removal of the bike!

Speedub.Nate's GIF animation says it all.

Pro-Elite stand holding Cloe.

A nifty accessory, the Handlebar Holder, is useful in keeping the handlebar from swinging around during wrenching.

James Huang has a great picture of it in use. (I didn't unpack mine).

A handy Tool Tray is also the perfect accessory to the stand. It is made of very heavy duty plastic. the square tub doubles as a parts wash sink, with a tethered drain plug. (Jame's picture again. I didn't unpack mine either.)

But the real fun begins when you add on the Alpine Digital Scale. The steel section of the scale slides between the clamp jaws.

Cloe being weighed.

Close up.

Ivy being weighed.

Close up.

If you regularly wrench on your bike, this portable repair stand is a godsend; short of the bolted-to-the-floor shop variants, nothing else comes close.

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